We help build Sustainable, Biblical Cross-Cultural Engagement
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We are a collection of scholars and educators dedicated to Biblical Cross-Cultural Engagement


nifiEd provides resources for Christian schools to think cross-culturally about their mission.

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More than ever, it is essential for organizations to think cross-culturally about their mission. Thankfully, for Christians, motivation to work toward Christ-centered unity and God-honoring diversity does not have to come from secular theories, nor negative social or political pressure, but from biblical affirmation.

What We Do
  • Advancing Christian Reflection
  • Fostering Community
  • School Resources
  • Ongoing Partnership
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Community Resource Platform

UnifiEd aims to help Christian educators think biblically about culturally sensitive topics and resource them with the knowledge and skill necessary to promote a God-honoring school environment.

"At work in all our offerings is a Christian definition of diversity, and a biblical motivation to pursue Christian unity."
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Professional Development
We support the development of your team with Biblically sound theological education.
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Data Driven
Partnering with us gives you access to our climate survey, as well as the ability to create and administer your own micro-surveys
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Content Library
Our built in content library gives your team a head start in developing customized learning
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Leadership Training
We focus on leaders, and educators, giving them the tools and information they need.
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Professional Journal
Learn from others as we invest in the scholarly work of Biblical cross-cultural education.
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Get ongoing support through our forums and at annual retreat opportunities.
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What we Do

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What are your distinctives?

UnifiEd’s biblical and theological framework is not just a starting place, Scripture is the source that provides the motivation and methods for our approach to pursuing cultural intelligence and unity.

What can you do for my school?

There is no one-size-fits all method to approach cross-cultural
engagement. Our resources provide schools biblically based
tools to pursue unity amid cultural diversity at school and
preparing students to engage an increasingly diverse world.  Our
primary focus is ongoing professional development that equips
administrators and teachers to rise to this challenge.

Do you do consulting?

This project was started out of a desire to get beyond traditional consulting to something more effective, scalable and sustainable. Investing in your leadership team and educators with our online trainings, mentorship opportunities and taking advantage of our digital "tools" will provide a more sustainable approach than traditional consulting.

What are you doctrinal committments?

A list of our foundational theological convictions is found here.

What is the UnifiEd Digest?

The UnifiEd Digest is a professional journal that curates essentials for leading Christian schools with cultural intelligence. The UnifiEd Digest maintains the highest standards of professionalism and excellence.  The editorial board determines the fitness of guest articles for publication.

Latest News & Journal

The UnifiEd Digest is a collaborative effort and thrives becuase of guest contributions in the areas of cultural intellegence in pedegogy and leadership. In formation about guest authorship is available in the author center.
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