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Cross-Cultural Pedagody Seminar

There is a growing desire among Christian educators to capture more of God’s Revelation 7:9 vision of “every tribe, tongue, people, and language” in their schools. They are also asking the important question about how that desire impacts the classroom. This seminar on cross-cultural pedagogy facilitates reflection on the teacher and the classroom to facilitate tangible action-steps for Christian teachers who desire to equip students from every background to flourish in any cultural context as ambassadors for Christ.

  • Online Delivery
  • A blend of Video, readings, and interactive training
  • Group and Individual Licensing
  • Great for professional development days
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Meant to be done individually, but group rates available

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Online Training

Critical Race Theory and the Christian Educator

Critical Race Theory & the Christian EducatorChristians have winsomely engaged the ideas of the world since Paul’s encounter at Mars Hill in Acts 17—today is no different. Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a contemporary concept that is vexing Evangelicalism.

  • Online Delivery
  • A blend of Video, readings, and interactive training
  • Group and Individual Licensing
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 This seminar equips Christian educators to lead a more productive conversation about CRT at their schools and suggests practical action steps to engage the theory from a Christian worldview perspective by providing a working definition, understanding contours of the debate, and analyzing its tenants.

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Understand you Organization with our climate survey

Baked into the core of our platform our climate survey meant for high school students, teachers and staff evaluates six core competencies we use to customize the next steps in your cultural engagement efforts.

Survey Features

Using our platform, and our climate survey template, quickly collect data on your high school students, teachers and staff and get a custom report as well as recommended next steps.
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Demographic Data

Collect appropriate demographic data on your participants

24 Questions

Our 24 tested likert-scale questions are meant to collect useful information, but be considerate of survey fatigue.

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Faith on Campus

Our climate survey is unique to faith-based groups and is constructed in a way to reflect our Christian values.

Our response to Critical Race Theory

While we do not affirm or promote Critical Race Theory, the most common question we get from leaders is how to approach this topic. Get access to our position on CRT, as well as recieve period updates about our product offerings

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